Well, apparently I need one of these pages and I refuse to hire a lawyer to write something that shouldn't need to be said.  If you want to discuss it, meet me at Giffy Butte. (Credit for "Giffy Butte" goes to Mouthful of Feathers.  Read their stuff; it's fantastic.)

Here goes:

None of the manufacturers whose brass is used in the creation of my jewelry endorse, sponsor, buy whiskey for or are in any way affiliated with Badass Babe.  Badass Babe does not use manufacturer's company names in any sense other than to specify what is on the headstamp and to give credit to said company as the original manufacturer; nor does Badass Babe use any manufacturer's company name in the title or name of any products.  Brass used in the creation of Badass Babe jewelry has been purchased at fair market value and altered by Badass Babe so that it may be recycled into a different product than its original manufactured intent. 

Sounds lawyer-y, right?  Basically, once I buy the brass and make something else out of it, it's my own creation.  Of course I can't say I have "9mm Browning Earrings", because that would be a trademark infringement - Browning didn't make them.  I did, and if I said that, I make it sound like Browning and I are in bed together (which we're not).  I can say "9mm earrings made with Browning brass", because that's the truth.  

There's your ridiculous corporate disclaimer.

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