There's a little badass in all of us.

Simple, no BS. Quality pieces I stand behind.

I make 'em, you wear 'em. WE ARE BADASS.

Badass Babe

Why Badass Babe & Bad Jenny?

Ten years ago I started this journey, simply because I like making stuff; I like wearing things that make statements about who I am and what I believe. I wanted to bring something a little different and bring it MY WAY.

And I have. These little bits of badassery are motivational, inspirational and fun.

And I tell you what - they'll look good on you.

To me, ammunition & firearms are tools - for protecting my family, procuring food, self defense.

A warrior is not one who looks to fight; a warrior is one who is willing to die for what she loves.

There is something that each one of us would trade our lives for. That is the badass in all of us.

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