About Badass Babe

I started this business because I wanted my personal jewelry to reflect who I am and what I believe in. I'm a small town girl from Midwest farm country and have built a wonderful life and good reputation here in the Flathead Valley.

I believe in making and fixing things MYSELF. I believe in my word and a "handshake deal". I believe in standing behind what I make. I believe in bootstrapping and old-fashioned hard work. I believe in standing up and putting my foot down when lines are crossed. I believe the American Dream is not dead.

I started making these pieces because I wanted to wear them and be able to make them and give them to friends. I make them because I like shooting and collecting brass. I make them because I have fun creating good-looking, functional stuff that resonates with others.

Every piece of spent-round ammunition jewelry is individually hand-crafted with as many made-in-the-USA parts as possible - supporting US companies is one way we can use our dollars to drive our nation forward.  Badass Babe also donates goods to a variety of non-profit fundraising events around the country.  Supporting our veterans, law enforcement and first responders is incredibly important; we cannot do enough to thank them.