Badass Tack Pin with 45 Auto

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I get it, not so many ties out there any more (and sure as heck not many at all in Montana).  Maybe grandpa still wears ties...

I have one pinned to my bag - sometimes it moves to my hat, sometimes I stick it on my Carhartt(TM) jacket.  I've sold quite a few to guys for their hats - usually with no Swarovski.  It has the good, old-fashioned clutch/lock back, so it should stay right where you put it.

Comes on a Badass Babe card, in a black organza gift bag.

If you'd like a different crystal color, just say so in the notes! Check out the Pistol Post Earrings to see all 15 colors available.

All metals are nickel-free (unless you request a nickel-plated headstamp).

This price is for caliber pictured (headstamp will vary). You may absolutely customize this piece, but be aware that depending upon the request, the price may increase a bit. If you'd like something different, let's talk before you order!